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Great Outdoors Survival Gear LLC, is your online Outdoor Survival Gear Headquarter, our goal is to provide the Outdoor survival gear you need to help to prepare you when the time of need arrives, whether hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards, or it could be the threat of earthquakes, fires and floods.  And of course, you have seen the news from around the world the threat of terrorism, a rogue country’s EMP strikes, pandemics, economic and social collapse, and other manmade disasters.

The main thing is to have a plan and supplies on hand before the time of need arrives.

Of course, we also have items for your great outdoors leisure time enjoyment as well.

Having been on the tip of the spear in combat operation makes survival gear a natural fit for us.

Our internet team has over 15 years of internet experience getting products to the masses.

Great Outdoors Survival Gear LLC, is looking forward to helping you with your survival gear needs,

 To all of you, from all of us at - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Larry S.